How to earn commission?
Invite your friends to download the App, you can get commission from invitation. Normally it’s ₹20 for per person.
You can get commission from recharging, up to 30%, of every recharge of your referrals1 . The commission is valid forever. The higher division2 you are, the higher percentage of commission you will get.
You can also get commission from affiliates3 , which means you can earn commission from your affiliates’ referrals; The higher division you are, the more commission you will get.
When you reach silver division, you can buy discounted chips in discounts store and trade with your referrals. So you can gain profits, up to 20%, due to the price difference. The higher division you are, the higher discount rate you will get.
How to invite your friends?
Share the game via social media or share the referral link to your friends.
You get commission after your friends click the promotional link, download and install the game.
The installation must be finished by the referral link. Sharing the App package by Sharelt etc is not allowed.
The App is available for Android users. The App for IOS is coming soon.
What’s the purpose of divisions?
All promoters are divided into five divisions, from the lowest to the highest: bronze division, silver division, gold division, platinum division and diamond division.
The higher division you are, the more ways of earning commission you will get.
The higher division you are, the higher percentage you will get in terms of commission from recharging.
How to upgrade your division?
Your get higher division if more referrals you bring to the game and the more they recharge.
If you have extraordinary promotional ability with channels, please get contact with our customer service center to verify your division.
We will verify the quality of our promoters regularly and those unqualified promoters will be degraded.
How to develop your referrals into affiliates?
Encourage your referrals to invite their friends to play the game, then your referrals will become your affiliates.
Share more promotion ways to your affiliates, so they can develop their referrals quickly and your commission will increase too.
How to get commission from your affiliates?
You will get a percentage of commission from your affiliates’ commission.
The commission you get from your affiliates is paid by our financial account and your affiliates’ commission won’t be affected.
[1] Referral
the friend who you refer the game to
[2] Division
the status of promoter. Five divisions from the lowest to the highest: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.
[3] Affiliate
your referral who has shared the game to his friends